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StoneyBrooke Homes is proud to introduce you to American Financing, our preferred and local lending partner. With us, your transaction is personal all of the way through our homebuying process and that is why we hand-picked the best partner to introduce our customers to.


American Financing is different because they offer every loan program in the industry, which allows them to provide you the best loan options based on your current financial state. Checkout their key advantages below!

Industry Knowledge

American Financing offers a combined 100+ years of loan origination experience amongst their team, offering knowledgeable professionals that will assist you promptly and courteously every time.

Service with Care

Homebuyers will work with a salary-based mortgage consultant throughout your loan process. This means they are not working with you just to hit a quota or goal, but are instead paid to service your needs. Your direct contact offers a more trustworthy and responsive experience, from application through closing.

Customized Loans

The American Financing promise is to provide personalized loan options in a timely manner. It's your loan, with your financial needs in mind and your mortgage consultant will keep things simple and straightforward.

We're different because

We offer every loan program in the industry, allowing us to provide you with the best loan option for your financial situation.

And we're industry leaders because we have:

Salary-Based Mortgage Consultants

Lending partner for Stoney Brooke Homes


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No Upfront

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Stoney Brooke Homes
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